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When I became the youngest accredited FIFA soccer players’ agent in the world, there internet was in its infancy, and I wasn’t a retired superstar of soccer that had countless contacts in the soccer world.  I was a 27-year-old who knew almost nothing about the world of soccer sports agenting, and even less in terms of how to establish contacts with domestic and international soccer clubs and the coaches and scouts within them.

It took me many months and thousands of hours of work to search every nook and cranny of national federations and soccer publications to establish my international club soccer radar and database so that I could finally set sail and start cultivating international club, scout and agent contacts, and ultimately opportunities for the players I was representing.

This was one of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of my burgeoning career as a FIFA soccer agent.  It took many months before I could even start to cultivate and develop a relationship with a club scout or assistant coach or goalkeeper coach or GM, or agent within a certain country.  I relied on physical publications such as the Rothmans Football Yearbook which was the bible of club directories for the United Kingdom in the 1980s and 1990s which I had to wait weeks for to arrive in the mail.

These types of challenges were my motivation for wanting to create the WSRC.  I would never want to coach and tutor future Soccer Family Agents and then after they are armed with some of the greatest agenting tools that I can bestow on a new agent, leave them with a “Bible” or road map.   So, I decided to create my own.  And this is this the first version.  This is a resource center that will be constantly upgraded and expanded, and we have plans to add great player and agent insights and stories and guidance in the future. Stay tuned!  – Miro Gladovic, Creator, WSRC

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