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There are countless online courses nowadays that offer great tutorials and endless perspective and coaching on countless professions, subject matters, and sports.  Many offer online degrees and certificates which deliver wisdom and knowledge that, unfortunately at course’s end, are not applicable or transferable in execution or real-world situations.

The world’s most elite business people, entrepreneurial mentors, motivational speakers, world champion athletes, Pulitzer Prize winning writers, Academy Award winners and so on, now all have a presence in online courses and tutorials.  However, that does not necessarily mean that after you have been exposed to hours of this mentoring and exposure to such elite perspectives of the rich, famous and successful, that you are any step closer to achieving your goals.

For example, I have observed several popular mainstream professional athletes promoting their online courses and workshops to explain what makes them tick and to “make them into a champion”.  The sober reality is that once an athlete takes these online courses, they are not enhanced in any way or closer to achieving their dreams and goals, apart from having a heightened sense of perspective and imagination.

This is the reason that I have spent almost a year, and thousands of hours of research on every soccer playing country in the world in creating the World Soccer Resource Center, before we started filming and delivering the Soccer Family Agent course.  For many years now, I have contemplated seizing upon the critical FIFA regulation that essentially endorses and encourages family members to become soccer agents and promote opportunities for their loved ones.  However, I was always hesitant about inspiring, educating, and infusing future soccer family agents with such capabilities, and then having them graduate the course, and not know where to star.  Not know where to go next.  Not know how to find relevant information and links.  That is until I came up with the ultimate solution to that concern, the weakness became the strength.  The World Soccer Resource Center was absolutely born out of necessity.  – Miro Gladovic, Creator, WSRC


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