We are a new global soccer platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering a new category and legion of agents, the Soccer Family Agent.

No matter where you live in the world, whether it is in North America where SFA has been Founded, or any of the other soccer playing continents in the world, SFA is relevant to you, and is applicable to your becoming an international soccer sports agent for your family member.  SFA & WSRC Creator and Founder Miro Gladovic, has led our team to build a truly international soccer recruitment and promotion platform for players, utilizing the expertise of their newly qualified family members who graduate the SFA course.

Whether you decide to undertake the commitment to become a fully-fledged international soccer agent, or remain a subscriber, either way you will be more empowered staying tuned to our groundbreaking platform and being updated on our many future innovations in international soccer recruitment.

If you do decide to take our pioneering SFA course and become a fully qualified agent, you will access a world of opportunity for your talented soccer playing family member. As an SFA graduated agent, you will assume the role as a credible international soccer agent on par with any US Soccer Federation agent and NBA, NFL, or MLB agent in terms of having the knowledge, capability and resources to execute your role, and navigate the world of soccer recruitment and management.


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