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How does one put a price on future soccer career opportunities?  At SFA we have ensured that our course price and post graduate memberships remain as minimal and accessible as possible.  We understand that appreciate that loving family members will be undertaking this exciting and empowering course, with the intention of helping loved ones further their soccer career.  As such we have competitively priced our member and graduate member courses below.




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The first wave of family agents to undertake this groundbreaking course has officially began.  Read below to see the initial feedback of our first wave of members, as well as the most commonly asked questions from subscribers.

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Common Questions

It absolutely is right for you.  Having a knowledge of soccer and the workings of soccer recruitment is not a prerequisite for taking the SFA course.  There are modules specifically tailored to breakdown the process of soccer recruitment not only in the United States, but also globally, for male and female players.

The SFA course is not daunting in the slightest.  Soccer teams around the world are broken down like businesses and potential employers of your family member.  The World Soccer Resource Center alleviates the need for SFA members to be knowledgeable about the many thousands of professional soccer teams around the world.

Ordinarily in this instance, if you took a stand-alone sports management degree course, or any kind of sports agent course, it could be an enormous shortfall in being able to operate and navigate world club soccer.  However, with the World Soccer Resource Center, this platform breaks down and categorizes every country in the world, from those most ideal to those best avoided or that are not applicable. It  also lists all of the clubs and homepage links of all of these teams, with over three thousand links to teams globally, growing daily.

There are no refunds for our course.  We have provided as much information and informative videos as possible on our free landing page, and free subscriber sections, to give potential SFA course members more than an ample amount of information to make well informed decision whether or not to take the course.

We do not offer guarantees of this kind.  We cannot predict the outcome or the efforts of our graduates. However, we believe we are the most comprehensive and optimal soccer sports agenting and family agenting course and platform in the world.  Furthermore, the WSRC acts like a course within a course, educating our members about all the soccer playing countries and leagues of the world.

The SFA course is a very comprehensive soccer sports agenting course, and caters for the entire spectrum of soccer and business savvy people, as well as those who are not experienced or well versed in either business or soccer.  Even if you haven’t run a business and do not know about soccer, the course caters for this potential and is extremely easy to follow and grasp.

We at SFA strongly encourage parents to take the initiative and promote and cultivate the possibility of a sibling assuming the role of the Soccer Family Agent.  Sports Management degree courses have become some of the most popular courses at universities these days.  The SFA program is a condensed course that is soccer specific, and ideal for a budding future young sports agents, and sports management students.

Absolutely not.  Opportunities sometimes take years to cultivate, whether they be securing a college soccer scholarship, or an international professional playing opportunity by the time a player turns 18 and is eligible to turn pro in another country.  The sooner you commence this extremely competitive process, the greater the odds of sourcing future opportunities for your talented family member.