“SFA is dedicated to providing families the most comprehensive online soccer learning program and resources to facilitate the best global playing opportunities for their soccer talent.” – Miro Gladovic

The Concept

In 2019, the United States is a talent-rich soccer landscape with millions of junior soccer players and tens of thousands of collegiate players. Currently, 80,000 boys and girls attend college on soccer scholarships, and soccer is among the top participation sports for young boys and girls up to the age of 18. Because soccer is played in nearly every country in the world, (unlike most US sports, such as American Football) the worldwide popularity and expanse of soccer provide opportunities for thousands of these soccer talents to play abroad.

Making Connections

Although the United States now produces increasingly more young, talented, world-class soccer players most will never realize their dream of playing at a professional level. Of US Major League Soccer’s 23 teams only 70 male players will be drafted from a pool of 40,000 collegiate players. On the women’s side, only 9 professional teams exist in the National Women’s Soccer League. The logical progression for American talent is to look overseas for professional playing opportunities, be it after high school, or during or post-college.

Unfortunately, world professional soccer is not structured in the same way as American recruiting infrastructure, which progresses from junior level to the professional ranks. Top teams in Europe and other major leagues such as Asia, the Middle East and South America, rely completely on scouts, agents and other resources to secure playing talent from all parts of the world.

The SFA Platform

Soccer Family Agent was created to fill a void in connecting American soccer talent with the rest of the world.

Soccer Family Agent is the first of its kind platform that replicates and elevates the agent accreditation process that FIFA and other sporting governing bodies such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB oversee for their agents. Through our comprehensive online curriculum, we provide knowledge and tools that exceed typical agent accreditation processes of major governing bodies.

The main focus of the sports governing bodies that oversee agent accreditation is ensuring agents practice in an ethical manner to best serve the player they represent. When a family member acts as Agent, which is common in international soccer circles, the risk of unethical practices on behalf of a player is greatly diminished, often alleviated.  For this reason, FIFA developed the provision allowing a family member to legally represent their child, or sibling, without having to go through the accreditation process.

SoccerFamilyAgent.com harnesses this unique provision and gives you the inside track to becoming an official soccer agent when representing a family member.

Who We Are


Led by our Founder Miro Gladovic, our team is committed to providing you with all the resources you will need to successfully and skillfully represent your soccer talent on the international soccer stage. At the end of the course, you will be a legitimate soccer agent, who is accredited by SFA.

Once you complete the course, we provide the road map to teams and countries around the world to help you find a potential landing place for your family soccer player, and we highlight the soccer landscapes that are best avoided.

Ensuring you have all the tools, information and education you need to perform with confidence at the highest levels on behalf of your soccer talent is our chief goal.

Our Promise

Letter from the founder:

As the Founder and CEO of Soccer Family Agent, I am beyond excited to bring SFA to the soccer world and to you.

When I became the youngest FIFA Players’ Agent in the world in 1998, it was a nerve-wracking and stressful time in my professional life. I started my entrepreneurial journey “selling” undesirable Australian players to elite and stubborn European and international professional clubs. Australia had not qualified for the World Cup for 20 plus years, and I was navigating an industry where I had no contacts and very few resources in a pre-internet world.

However, with tenacious determination and a lot of trial and error, I flourished as a Player’s Agent. I  was a one of a handful of pioneering agents in Australia who helped carve out what is today a very successful soccer talent pathway from Australia to Europe and other parts of the world. Today, Australia has many players playing in Europe and Asia and has qualified for every World Cup since 2006. Australia is the current champions of their confederation, the Asian Football Confederation, as well.

Having lived in the United States for over a decade, I have witnessed the growth of soccer in the United States over the years, and I believe the best US players are not being utilized internationally.

The US Men’s Soccer Team failed to qualify for this year’s World Cup in Russia, an outcome I believe is due to a lack of US players playing in the best leagues in Europe and Asian. By comparison, the US Women’s National Team have dozens of professional players playing overseas and are ranked number one in the world.

I created SFA with the hope and intention to change all this – to give you the tools to help place your family member with a professional team – and to revolutionize soccer in America. The current soccer development infrastructure in America proudly boasts over 25 million players, including almost 100,000 collegiates. More than any other country, America deserves to have more of its players playing in leagues all over the world, than any other country.

It is this core belief that has led me to harness my lifetime of soccer knowledge and experience into the Soccer Family Agent course and curriculum.  Our goal is to help you, the next generation of soccer agent, to place your soccer family talent in the world of professional soccer and make your family’s dreams a reality.


Miro Gladovic
Founder & CEO

Miro Gladovic