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Soccer Family Agent’s comprehensive online video course teaches you step-by-step how to represent your soccer talent, acting as his or her official agent – without FIFA accreditation.

Gain the knowledge, confidence, and credibility to represent your player in the world of professional soccer. Plus, learn how to generate international playing opportunities and make contacts.

Learn everything you need to know to become a skilled player’s agent and get SFA Certified and start your agent’s journey today.

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The tools you need to navigate the complex and unstructured world of soccer in 200+ countries. and earn your SFA certification with this dynamic online video course.

SFA Certification

The only course of its kind, the SFA course combines comprehensive education with groundbreaking tools for post-course implementation and execution.

Global Soccer Experience & Knowledge

SFA utilizes the pioneering spirit of former FIFA Players’ Agent Miro Gladovic, who took it upon himself to help a loved one and ultimately numerous family members who were talented and ambitious young soccer players, realize their full potential.

Latest Online Trends

Nowadays there has been a recent trend of promoting online master tutorials which seemingly simplifies numerous professions, industries, talents and professional practices.

However, while heavy on insights and perspectives on these vocations and trades, they lack the practical tools to implement the lessons learned by these elite and successful course leaders.

Real FIFA Agent Insight

Miro Gladovic started as a former soccer player in Australia, merely wanting to cultivate international soccer playing opportunities for his best friend, who was like a brother to him.

After a tenacious promotional campaign Miro secured a professional contract for his friend. Harnessing this feat, Miro become the youngest accredited FIFA Players’ Agent in the world at the time of his accreditation in 1998, and had an illustrious international sports agency based in Germany, which facilitated countless player transfers and successful contract negotiations in the tens of millions of dollars.

Real Life Applications

SFA is a culmination of all these experiences and knowledge Miro has gained in his many years as a soccer player, agent and a consultant to some of the biggest teams in the world, following his chapter as a FIFA Players’ Agent.

Country Specific

Miro moved to the United States in 2006, and brought with him the experience and knowledge of a lifetime in soccer, and working with teams, agents and players from all over the world.

Miro believes that the USA has merely scratched the surface on exporting its soccer talent, and believes, where possible, it is the responsibility and should be the initiative and passion of the family members of a soccer player, be they a parent, mother or father, or sibling, or spouse. SFA and the WSRC gives family agents a global perspective on all relevant soccer playing countries in the world, with an American based approach and perspective.

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Soccer is the world’s biggest sport. In the US, it is among the fastest growing sports, with one of the highest participation rates among teenage boys and girls.
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